About us

Overall Objective, Vision, Core Values


ISONOR Industrier shall be recognized for safety, decency, focus on employees and excellent relations to the customers.

Core Values


We take personal responsibility for safety because we care.



We deliver our work in an honest, decent and reliable way through loyalty to safety, what we deliver and our colleagues.



We believe and acknowledge that quality and excellent performance are team efforts.


We treat all with respect, and build a unified culture through openness and an early and honest communication.

Focus on customers

We build trust and relationships through our persistence to get things done, ability to deliver, that we know our business and we keep our promises.

Overall Objective

On a daily basis, perform our responsibilities and work such that;

  • our CUSTOMERS experience right quality, right delivery and value securing a high degree of repeat business
  • our EMPLOYEES take pride in working for ISONOR
  • our OWNERS experience return on invested capital


Management    |    Board


The Management Team in ISONOR Industrier has wide competence and experience from the Oil & Gas business and from other Norwegian industries.

Ingrid Solheim 3 – Profilbilde2

Ingrid Solheim

+47 91 80 74 55

Knut Einar Bordi
Knut Einar Bordi
COO/Tender Manager
+47 46 90 53 04
Birgitte Kjærsgård

Birgitte Kjærsgård

+47 45 48 99 03

Grete Thu Christiansen

Grete Thu Christiansen
HSEQ Risk Manager

+47 97 05 37 44

Anne Letting Gjeruldsen

Anne Letting Gjeruldsen
Human Resource Manager

+47 92 69 68 64 /  (+47 35 54 86 14)

ISONOR Industrier has a flat and competent organization comprising employees with high competence and experience from working in the domestic and international oil and gas business as well as in other industrial areas. The organization is team based with short communication lines and decision processes.

Organization Chart_April 2023


The Board of  Directors, of ISONOR Industrier  comprises Ingrid Solheim (Chairman), Turid Knappskog, Ilari Rajalehto, Tommy Andre Bjørnsti (Representing the Employees), and Frode Roberto Rettore (Representing the Employees)

Ingrid Solheim 3 – Profilbilde2

Ingrid Solheim
Working Chairman of the Board

Ingrid Solheim joined StS in 1991 and has held various positions in the company during the period, both in projects, administration and management. Ingrid was HR manager for 10 years while the company was in a growth phase. In 2013-2015, she was CEO during a period when the company was in a restructuring phase and then became chairman of the board. She has been CEO continuously since 2017. Ingrid has education in management from BI, NHH and the University of Bergen.

Ingrid has, and has had, several positions of trust in employers' organisations. Among others in NHO, Norwegian Industry and the industry association Korrosjonsentreprenørenes forening.


Ilari Rajalehto
Ilari Rajalehto started his first company related to insulation and ventilation works in 1977 in Helsinki, Finland.

Ilari has extensive experience from oil & gas companies in Norway within ISS services (since 1980). He was responsible for the Tender department in R&M Isolering/R&M Industrier for a number of years. From 2003 to 2016, he had the position of Director of Engineering & Technology. He has been Managing Director and chairman of ISO Management since 2016, and CEO of ISONOR Industrier in the period 2018 - March 2023.

Turid Knappskog



Tommy Bjørnsti
Representing the Employees

Bjørnsti has worked in the insulation branch for 22 years. He started in Scan Insulation in 1996 in Porsgrunn. Bjørnsti is a certified insulator and is also certified to control and approve fall prevention equipment. Bjørnsti has been the main spokesman in Fellesforbundet for 10 years.

Frode Roberto Rettore
Representing the Employees

Rettore is a certified industry painter with 20 years of experience from working offshore and onshore on various projects. Rettore started working for BSM/NSL in 1999. In addition, Rettore is a certified Frosio inspector and working experience as supervisor, foreman, inspector, rigger, flagman, and §13 scaffolding builder. Further, Rettore is club leader and HSE spoksman for Parat, and is engaged in various work related to the union and sits in the apprentice approval committee for insulation, painting and scaffolding in Rogaland.


Health, Environment, Safety

ISONOR is an industrial leader with regard to health, environment and safety.

All activities shall be planned and organized in order to avoid accidents and incidents related to personnel, materials or pollution of external environment.

All accidents and incidents can be avoided.

Excellent leadership and motivation are key factors in order to achieve excellent safety.