Meet Kjell Gulliksen – Project Manager within Architect & Interior Outfitting

Meet Kjell Gulliksen, who works at ISONOR Industrier, now part of the StS team – StS-ISONOR!

It is fascinating to hear Kjell talk about his experience – it is massive and impressive, a real specialist in his field!

Kjell Gulliksen

Who are you?

Kjell Gulliksen. 61-year-old and Project Manager within Architect & Interior Outfitting of LQ. Has 30 years in this profession, in which 15 years within cruise ships in Asia, USA, Russia and South America.

My education is in electrical engineering, but after 10 years working in this profession, I started with my hobby, furniture carpentry and interior design/outfitting. Apprenticed for 5 years at Lystad Interior in Sandefjord, at Color Line cruises.

In 1999 I started at Masa Yard in Turku Finland on the new Eagle Class which were the largest ships in the Caribbean at the time. Extensive experience from St. Petersburg working with canal boats for Viking Line. Then I was recruited to Bilfinger being responsible for the total rebuilding of the Oseberg Felt Center as well as many other projects for Equinor.

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What at you currently working on?

Now I am working with acquiring and planning all interior outfitting job packages for Vår Energi. Also involved in the initiation work of the job packages. For me, the most important thing is being continuously in contact with the industry and the customers’ network.

What I find exciting about the job is that there are different solutions and challenges to be solved, all in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

What project are you working on and how is it going?

Currently, I am working with the HAP Balder project after a long period of planning and building up the time recording system for Vår Energi.

What dreams do you have?

My dreams are that we are awarded a contract with Equinor within Architect and Interior Outfitting. There is an endless backlog of maintenance. And that we have a strengthened department to complete this.

And that the Architect department can be handed over to some younger forces, and I, myself can be ISO Manager on an offshore installation the last years of my professional life. Have experienced to work as ISO Manager stand-in several times.