StS and ISONOR Industrier participate at Industriuka in Porsgrunn 8-11 May!

StS and ISONOR Industrier participate with a stand at Industriuka in Porsgrunn 8-11 May!

Meet us at stand T-134 in the tennis hall.

At Industry Week, industry, technology, politics, people and society meet to find solutions and set the course! The common denominator is interest in the green shift!

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In the years ahead, large sums will be invested in and out of Grenland. A large part of this will be investments in sustainable industrial projects! The goal is for the region to become the world’s first climate-positive industrial region by 2040. That’s an ambitious goal! We depend on extensive technology and cooperation between suppliers, between industries and dialogue with politicians, people and society!

StS and ISONOR will have a stand in the Tennis Hall, more specifically at stand T-134. Come and visit us!

We will present our products and solutions that can contribute to the green shift and look forward to meeting many like-minded people.

Part of the solution

Energy saving – sustainable solutions

Within the insulation profession, there is also a lot we can contribute with to reduce the environmental footprint! We achieve this by reducing energy demand by reducing consumption. Better insulation reduces CO2 emissions and electricity costs for industrial facilities.

Typically, on platforms, the greatest energy losses come from uninsulated process, equipment and equipment with inefficient insulation solutions. There is much to be gained from re-insulating pipes and process equipment.

For example, an uninsulated valve that maintains a clean temperature of 150°C will have an energy loss of 10,000-20,000kWh a year.

On high-temperature equipment, the right insulation can provide formidable annual energy savings.

It is a good investment to insulate both in terms of energy savings and costs!

We offer both products and personnel for the job! StS easyFLEX products are designed for quick and easy installation, removal, and repeated reinstallation to ensure easy access for inspection and maintenance, using minimal time, personal protective equipment and tools.

Meet us at our stand T-134 and we will show you what this means in practice!